Recruitment management system

Recruitment Management Systemthat helps you to hire smoothly.

Recruitment is a very hectic process and requires so much paper work but what you need is an end-to-end hiring solution that is built for recruiters comfort and help them to manage all seamlessly.

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Recruitment Management System
Recruitment Management System

Guide to work with RMS in few simple steps.

Here are few simple steps to start working with emplicheck Recruitment management system.


Why Emplicheck RMS?

Invite Candidates:

Invite candidates with Link

You can invite multiple candidates to the single job within a few clicks in emplicheck that saves your 80% of time.

Follow-up Automatically

Our system will help you to follow-up with candidate in each step of hiring along with automated notifications.

Hiring and Managing

Hire with OMS

You can hire candidates from the database with our integrated OMS System that helps to manage offers in single dashboard.

Database Management

You do not need to worry about a bunch of papers, you will get relaxation with our document bucket and history manager.

Request Demo

Get a Demo or our Simplest RMS System at your convenience.

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How much time it will take to sign up in RMS?


It will take hardly 2-5 minutes to sign up and start working for free.

Is it really free?


Yes, RMS is 100% free, however you can get add-ons if you like!

Do I need to compulsory use other modules of emplicheck?


No, Emplicheck all modules are separate yet interlinked. You can use it individually too.

It my data secure in emplicheck?


Yes, 100% secure. Emplicheck assure you 100% encryption of your data. We do not utilize of share your data without your concern.

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